Project Based Learning - PBL

BMSIT&M instils the spirit of "Do it Yourself" amongst the students through Project Based Learning (PBL), an initiative encouraging students to gain experiential learning. Students (in groups of 3 - 4) carry out one project every semester in the area relevant to their courses and of their interest.

Open Day
Open Day

All the PBL projects will be thoroughly evaluated and shortlisted projects will be exhibited on OPEN DAY and evaluated by renowned industry executives, innovators, investors and academicians, once a semester. Cash prizes are awarded to the best projects judged by the evaluators every semester encouraging students to do better.

Open Courses

The institute has been striving hard to ensure that students are ready for either employment (self- or otherwise) or higher studies. As a part of this, Institute offers more than 20 open courses (duration of 25 hours each) at the beginning of every semester in the areas that are demanded by the Industry and beyond the University curriculum. A student from any branch and any semester can enroll to any of the courses offered by any of the departments. Every year, more than 1300 students are benefited from these courses.

Open Day
Employers' Meet

Employers' Meet is an annual meet of our Employers from various sectors. It will have fruitful discussions and feedback from panelists of companies like Google, Netflix, Dun&Bradstreet, Epsilon, Accenture, Capgemini, Embassy Group, L&T Construction, CMTI, JMC Projects, Timken India, Ringfeder Power, ZF Wind Power, Robert Bosch, CISCO, TESLA etc.

Induction Programme

Student Induction Programme (SIP) is a grand way of welcoming freshmen to BMSIT&M. There cannot be a better way than this to start your professional studies at BMSIT&M.

  1. Inauguration, Rules and Regulations of BMSIT&M and VTU.
  2. Introduction of First Year Faculty and acquaintance with the department.
  3. Lecture by Eminent Personalities, Motivational Talks on Health Awareness, Physical Fitness and Universal Human Values (UHV).
  4. The students of first year will be given an opportunity to showcase their talents via various activities.
  5. Visits to Local Areas of Learning like Tech Musuems, Visvesvaraya's birth place etc.
Manthana - Annual Magazine
Tech Sanchalana - Technical

Manthana is an annual Techno-Cultural Institutional magazine. This brings in articles of all types of Technical, Literary, Photographs, Sketches from students, Faculty and Alumni of our Institution.

Tech Sanchalana is a Technical Newsletter which includes the achievements of our Faculty and Students like Technical Papers, Internships, Co-curricular activities etc.

Monthly Newsletters provides our families with a report on college events spanning accross all the departments and sections. These gets published on our Website every month.


Students and Faculty members are encouraged to complete online courses offered by NPTEL, Coursera, Udacity, etc. More and more of them are reaping benefits of this open access to learning materials. The procured NPTEL resources have been made available on the Institute’s server.

BMSIT&M was successful in having a collaboration with Coursera which helps in building skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies. More than 2000 students and 140 staff utilized this opportunity and completed more than 6800 courses with approved certifications from Coursera.


The Institute has MoU with leading IT Industries for Research Collaborations, Workshops, Open Courses, Internships, Skill Development Programmes, Student and Faculty Development Programmes.

Utsaha Vaibhava

BMSIT&M along with BMSSA organizes UTSAHA VAIBHAVA giving students one of the grandest platforms to showcase their talent and bringing together students from different colleges all over Bangalore, attracting an estimated annual footfall of about 5,000 people, and boasts a number of competitive events, competitions and performances as well as pro-shows by widely known and popular artists.

Honnudi - Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration

Honnudi from Kannada Sangha celebrates Kannada Rajyotsava on 1 November every year with great enthusiasm.

It all starts from a flag hoisting ceremony and the naada geethe will be sung in unison by all those present with the music club taking the lead.

Prof. M Krishne Gowda, a columnist and a famous speaker inaugarated Honnudi on 03/11/2022. He spoke about how Kannada as a language provides experiences and the importance of it as a highly structured language, while also stressing on how students must apply themselves in this beautiful language. The amazing facts about Karnataka added to the knowledge of the audience. The students were able to spread the fragrance of Kannada language with their spectacular dance performance which left the audience spellbound. Different traditional dance forms of Karnataka were exhibited.

Alumni Meet

BMSIT&M always feels proud on seeing its Successful Alumni. This flagship event will be conducted during January to celebrate the old moments of students. During their meet, the alumni community shares their experience in the outside world, which they faced after stepping out of the institution. The meet also creates a platform to identify the college’s most distinguished alumni. We are happy to share that our alumni are settled in many countries with different companies on top most positions. They all gather on the alumni meet day with their families and have a talk with the current students and those alumni who are not able to come, share their experiences via videos.



TechTransform (Technology Transformation) is an annual technical symposium of BMS Institute of Technology and Management which provides platform for the students and faculty members to understand the technological changes that are happening in their respective disciplines. TechTransform encourages budding engineering students to exhibit their talents and demonstrate skills through competitions and workshops along with Technical Talks and Panel Discussions. TechTransform will ensure to increase the knowledge levels through active participation of students in the events of their interest irrespective of the departments. TechTransform conjugate ideas from Industry in order to achieve high level of skills that helps students to emerge as globally competent professionals. Participation of many industry experts and professionals creates an inherited atmosphere that unites learning, networking, and discussion forum.


TechSaransh is a compilation of abstracts of the projects executed by the final year students. These projects are chosen by the students based on their domain of study as well as multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary/social relevance in nature. Majority of the projects are done using emerging trends and skills as per the Industry requirements. We are happy to share that some of our projects were funded by KSCST.

The series of TechSaransh published year after year serves multiple objectives namely, creating a comprehensive Repository of Information on our projects, aiding subse­quent batches of students to avoid duplicating the same work, saving their time with the ground work already completed, enlightening Industry associates about the Inno­vations developed, and facilitating Cross Disciplinary work, among many others.

BMSIT&M has Student Project Review and Assessment committee (SPRAC). This com­mittee mentors students to select & execute best projects based on the current in­dustry needs and monitors them with end-to-end project activities right from prior infor­mation collection, project selection to project execution and exhibition on various platforms like KSCST, VTU etc.

Green Campus

The campus is lush green with about 750 varieties of plants/trees/shrubs and a great habitat for a variety of birds. The BMSIT&M campus is totally eco-friendly. All of this is maintained and managed by more than 23 garden staff who are dedicated to keeping the campus sustainable and playing its part in addressing the issue of global warming.

All buildings are built with rain-water harvesting systems. The campus also has captive 350KLD sewage treatment plant of its own. The entire garden in the campus is watered with these sources only and not a single drop of municipal and tube well water is used for this purpose.

eco eco

As a part of the Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan, OIKOS, the Eco club of BMSIT&M, has drafted the Institutional Framework, a copy of which has also been submitted to VTU. Under this action plan, "Shramdaan" a plastic cleanup drive is conducted periodically mobilizing the entire fraternity of BMSIT&M to maintain a cleaner outlook to environment and it is one of the top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka.

Best Infrastructure

state-of-the-art Labs




Advanced DataCenter

Internet facility has been crucial in the evolution of our education system in many ways. In order to support its employees and students with best IT infrastructure, BMSIT&M has established one of its the best, robust network infrastructure in 2019-2020 to facilitate reliable and high speed internet service to both Students, Faculty and Researchers at the campus and BMSIT&M Hostels.


Central Fire Hydrant System


Ensuring the safety of students, faculty and assets of the institute is among the top priorities. BMSIT&M has installed a Central Fire Hydrant System at a total cost of 79.76 lakhs having:

1. Emergency fire exit route on all the floors of Academic and BSN Block.
2. Separate water tanks for both blocks with 20,000 litres capacity each.
3. 2 separate 3 HP booster pumps for both the blocks.
4. 15 meters, 63 mm diameter hosepipe in all floors.

Full Fledged ERP


We use an efficient ERP system - 'GNUMS' (GN University Management System) which is a full-stack solution for University Automation. It helps stakeholders, institutes & systems to interact easily across the campus environment which provides a personalized educational experience. It has varios modules like Student Management, Staff Management, Time Table & Attendance, Fees Management, Circular, HR & Payroll, Grievance Redressal, Mentoring etc.


We have state-of-the-art video recording facility "E-Studio" which essentially helps in creating modern way of video lectures. These high quality videos have been uploaded onto our YouTube channel as well for greater reach and learning.


Music Studio


Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre at BMSIT&M was formed in December 2015. It promotes innovation by encouraging students to take up innovative, interdisciplinary technical projects. It provides technical support during the phase of ideation and prototyping. It also provides funding for meritorious prototypes.

Since November 2018, Institutional Innovation Council (IIC) has been constituted in our College under Ministry of HRD’s Innovation Cell.


BICEP - Incubation Centre

BMSIT&M established BICEP - BMS Innovation Centre and Entrepreneurship Park - to encourage students and faculties to catalyze development of innovation-driven enterprises. The Centre has been recognized and approved as the Host Institute to setup Business Incubator (BI) by Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India. It has the Best facilities and resources available to incubatee such as laboratories, development and testing centers, computing resources, library and above all highly experienced and knowledgeable human resource. In addition to these, Centre also has a network of eminent professionals, academicians, bankers, venture capitalists and businessmen, who can extend support to new ventures.

Well Stacked Library

Separate Hostels


Leaving one's home behind and staying at a new place can be a difficult situation. So, we at BMSIT&M make sure their hostel life makes them feel at home

A hostel is a new phase of life in a student’s life. They encounter many difficulties when they first shift into a hostel. Be it the room he stays in, or the environment that they encounter. A hostel life makes sure that a child is grown and can tackle any kind of situations he faces. A hostel is a place where a student finds friends as family.

The hostel life in BMSIT&M offers many entertaining activities. An annual fest "Kalarava" is a colourful event filled with cultural and sports activities. This program is organized to encourage the hostel students in co-curricular activities includes sports and cultural events. From singing, dancing, fashion show to cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, chess, volleyball and fun filled activities like tug of war, dumb charades and many more, Kalarava has it all. There are several sports tournaments in hostel like HPL for cricket and FPL for football. All these events and activities are for the merriment and relaxation of the students residing in hostels. To ensure they are in their comfort zone. All the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi and many more are celebrated by the hostel inmates with a lot of enthusiasm as one would, back at home. The environment provided ensures such an innervation.

Sports & Gym & SPARDOTSAHA

BMSITM believes that sports and games are essential to the development of students physically as well as mentally. Department of Physical Education and Sports of BMSITM, organised SPARDOTSAHA-2023, the annual Intramural Sports Competition on 8th and 9th May 2023. The event was inaugurated by the Principal along with Vice Principal and Dean Student Welfare.Students from all the departments participated in large numbers very enthusiastically and won prizes. The team named ‘Run Time Terrors’ from department of IS&E was declared as the Overall Champions. The prizes for the winners were given away by the Chief guest Mr. Sunder Raj Urs, former Principal, University College of Physical Education, Bangalore University.

500KVA DG set

250KVA HT power supply is sanctioned from BESCOM to BMSIT&M campus. The 11KV HT line with cubical meter is in the college campus, 315KVA transformer is installed near power house. LT power is transmitted to LT kiosk (Outdoor panel). Through 1000A MCCB power is transferred to LT panel board. From LT panel of 800A capacity power is distributed to all blocks.

Captive Power: In June 2022 500KVA DG set with panel board was procured installed and commissioned. 320KVA DG set which is also running when the load is less than 150KW. Both put together 820KVA captive power is available for the entire campus which will be sufficient for future expansion. The panel board is designed to switch On automatically in the event of power failure from BESCOM. The same will be automatically switch off on power restoration from BESCOM. The DG set can be monitored through mobile app by the maintenance staff at any point of time. The load and other details can be monitored through mobile app only.

green stp

350KLD Sewage Treatment Plant


The campus also has captive 350KLD sewage treatment plant of its own. The entire garden in the campus is watered with these sources only and not a single drop of municipal and tube well water is used for this purpose.

Intellectual Property (IP) Cell

The Institute has IP cell which helps to create awareness on IPR among the faculty and students. It encourages and support staff, students at all levels to develop patentable technologies. It transforms Innovations, ideas into Intellectual assets, stimulate the generation of Intellectual property, filing for Patents, Registration for copy rights, Industrial design.

Students Industrial Internships

A great emphasis is given to facilitate students’ industrial internships. Although, the time window available as per the university calendar is not very convenient to permit a long-term internship (like minimum of 3 months), in the last 2 years, more than 2000 students have completed industrial internships (of about a month each) in about 550 companies. Autonomous status would be well utilised to engage in industry internships very systematically.

Industry Internship for Faculty Members

As a mandate, all the Faculty members of BMSIT&M undergo a ten days industry internship every year (feasible time-window available in the University calendar). This best practice has been followed since 2015.

Innovative and Case Study oriented Internal Assessment

Effort is made to compel students to think originally by introducing mandatory questions in every internal assessment that are case-study-based and demand innovative solutions. They constitute about 40% of the question paper. These questions need not have one right answer and the solutions are discussed in the class after the assessment.

Promotion of Student Entrepreneurship

BMSIT&M has been a good place for students to pursue their entrepreneurial interests. More than 50 students have been pursuing their business prospects from the campus. Some of them are registered businesses and some other amateurs. A few of the ventures are social enterprises too.

Other Value Addition Programs

  • Industrial Visits: A large number of visits to industries are organized ensuring students are exposes to industrial and real-life environment
  • Invited Talks: A good number of invited talks by industry practitioners, researchers, start-up entrepreneurs and well-paced alumni are arranged by all the departments every year ensuring the students are educated about the latest technology and practices in the Industrial world.
  • Technical Fests: Students actively compete in innovation challenges, technical seminars and competitions
  • Community Services: Students volunteer in activities of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, NSS, NCC, Red cross and Civil Defense Units of the college.

Direct Interaction of Students with the BoG

The Board of Governors (BoG) of the institute which meets quarterly interacts directly with students to know about the quality of education, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and support services being provided to them by the institute. Their inputs are considered to improve the academic ambiance in the institute.

360-degree Feedback on Teaching-Learning Process and Administration

An effective feedback system is in place for students to give their feedback every semester about the teachers’ contribution in their learning process. They assess all theory, laboratory and project course teachers. Further, both students and staff give feedback on the quality of services (as applicable) like placement, canteen, library, transport, hostels, housekeeping, security, etc. All staff members (teaching, laboratory and office staff) evaluate the performance of Principal, Vice principal, and Deans. All staff in a department evaluate their HOD. Horizontal feedback among a department’s faculty members is also present. Feedback from parents and employers are also given due importance to improve the system. Wherever the score is less than 60% the concerns are addressed immediately.

Transparency in Administration

All financial transactions of the college undergo statutory audit and the audit reports are published on the institute’s website. All BOG meeting proceedings are placed on the website regularly. Mandatory disclosure document is also available on our portal for any public scrutiny. Principal holds Townhall meetings with faculty members and all sections of students briefing them about the matters related to the institution thus making administration participatory.

Academic Council & Board of Studies (BoS)

The Academic Council is principal academic body of the Institute and is responsible for the maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination within the University. It has the right to advise the various Academic Schools on all academic matters. It constitutes members from Institues of National Importance, Volvo, IBM, Infosys etc.

Each Department is guided by Board of Studies have representation from all stake-holder groups namely, industry, research organisations, academia, employers, parents, and students. The BoS have senior professors from IISC, IITs, NITs or IIIT, accomplished scientists from National Research Labs and senior executives from industry. BoS members advise and mentor the departments to stay relevant to the industry and society and progress towards their vision.

Eminent Adjunct Faculty from Industries

Eminent persons from industries who are domain experts engage students to provide practitioners’ perspective of the course contents. They teach about 25% of selected courses, whereas the remaining portion would be taught by a faculty. This brings in both the theoretical and practitioners’ perspectives to the class-room discussion.

Gnanavardhan (A weekly knowledge exchange program)

Almost all engineering problems are multidisciplinary in nature. Hence, to inculcate the practice of understanding the engineering problems from multiple disciplines, HODs and senior faculty members meet one hour every week, wherein one of them will present his/her research work and the members discuss it from their point of view. More than 130 lectures have been conducted so far. The proceedings of all lectures of Gnanavardhan are published once a semester in the form of a monograph. Further, Further, on-line exams/quizzes are conducted for all the staff members with regard to Outcome-based Education, NBA and NAAC evaluation processes, Cyber security awareness, National Education Policy and so on.

Higher Education Facilitation Centre

This centre has been created to help students to choose right university/institute and education programs for their higher education abroad, and avail financial support. The centre is manned by a highly experienced adviser who has served in US-India Education Foundation. The advisor also provides assistance relating to visa processing. This in-house service has prevented students from falling prey to deceitful/unauthorised agents. The centre has organised several workshops to students helping them in their pursuit of higher studies abroad. It has also helped faculty members to write good Letter of Reference.

Green Composting

The green waste generated by trees and plants are not burnt but composted in pits in the campus. The manure created would be used to fertile the garden again. While currently there are three composting pits, it is proposed to have an accelerated manuring facility soon.

Minimum Plastic-use Campus

Everyone on the campus strives to reduce the use of plastic and hence, the campus is environment friendly. Periodically students and staff together do ‘Shramadaan’ to ensure that campus is cleaned of garbage and litters if any.

Proctoring System

BMSIT&M takes care of its students via a unique system - Proctoring System. The highlights of this are:

  • Under each proctor a maximum of 30 students are allocated.
  • Proctoring of each department is monitored by a team of deputy chief proctors and a chief proctor at the institution level. The central team submits a monthly report of proctoring at all departments to the principal.
  • Students who face various adjustments problems which include behavioral / Psychological issues can avail the help from a professional counselor, Mrs. Chethana Srinivas who visits the campus on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1pm – 4pm.
  • Parents are periodically intimated through SMS, email about the performance and attendance status of their wards.