Coding Crib

Coding Crib is a student-run club started by a group of students who are coding enthusiasts in the year 2019. The Crib aims to promote coding among the students and also encourage analytical thinking. It also aims to practically apply the knowledge gained in the classroom and put it into proactive practice by doing projects and conducting technical and fun events like Expert Talks, Seminars, Hackathons, Quizzes, and Idea Presentations. The Crib works to provide a platform to those who want to learn to code and also to those who want to showcase their coding skills. The Coding Crib strives to do that by conducting events so that they are helpful to students who want to improve their skills and also to those who want to broaden their horizons by learning new skills.

● The Vision of the Coding Crib is to bridge the gap between what is learned in the classroom and what is required by the industries.
● To encourage students to think out of the box and provide innovative and creative solutions to real-world problems.
● To simulate an environment of self-learning by following the best industry practices.
● To prepare students to face real coding challenges by conducting Hackathons.
● To inculcate leadership qualities, teamwork, and healthy competition.
● Follow Mentor-Mentee relationships to work on projects and gain knowledge.
Faculty Coordinator

Prof. Vinutha K
Assistant Professor, Dept. of ISE

Coding Crib Core Team

Adarsh Hiremath
Student, Head

Ananth D
Student, General Secretary

Malavika S Anand
Student, Joint Secretary

Anisha Diyya G
Student, Tech Head

Neha Hegde
Student, Events Head

Alekhya Allada
Student, Content and Media Head

Karan Venkatesh Upamanyu
Student, PR Head

Pranav R Deshkulkarni
Student, Project Head