Cultural Club

BMSIT MUSIC CLUB is a team of singers, instrumentalists and people interested in music. It was formed on 28/9/19 under the guidance of Bmsit cultural coordinator Dr. Prashant A Athavale with the help of Bibhu Ranjan, Tarun Jain, Ravi Kumar Singh, Sayan Dey,Ankriti Pandey, Ayush Seth, Indrayudh Sen. Currently this club is having 85 members with more than 30 performers.

We have set up a musical instruments facility for the benefit of students and staff. View the Music Facilities here

This club strives to promote all student participation in the contribution and enjoyment of their musical abilities/talents and to provide an outlet for all students interested in music through different musical events. The members' concerts provide a unique opportunity for players and singers to gain experience in performing before a knowledgeable and friendly audience. The music played ranges from the Early Renaissance to the avant-garde, including works composed by Club members. Those who do not wish to perform in public, but would like to use the practice facilities or just come to the concerts, are also most welcome to join. Meetings are held every Friday.

The first event of BMSIT MUSIC CLUB was held on 28/9/19. The event’s name was “Open Mic Live”. On its very first event it was a huge success. It added more than 50 members in the club and 20 performers.

The Second event for that semester was “OpenMic Performance” at the venue-BMSIT FOOD COURT at 1:30pm We are proud to say that the second event of BMSIT MUSIC CLUB has left an unforgettable impression on the audience and performers.

Some 200-300 audiences joined the live performance and it added 30 more club members to the club family.

The atmosphere just not only attracted the students but college faculties also joined the performance list and created a very enjoyable environment at the venue.

During the complete event, performance was done by the members and the performers coming from the crowd. The whole event was done correctly and ethically. Bibhu Ranjan(Management),Ravi Singh(Management), Tarun Jain(Equipments), Chirag

Arora(Photography), Kiran(Permissions), Kanak Dullu(Discipline), Ankriti Panday(Coordinator ,performer) and others helped in the throughout the event completion.

Sayan Dey(guitarist+vocalist), Ayush Seth(guitarist), Bibhu Ranjan(Vocalist), Deepa M S, Ankriti Panday(vocalist+guitarist), Shivansh(vocalist) were the All Time Performers. Contribution from all the people mentioned above was what helped this event in becoming a grand success.

It was successfully organized at our college. We thank everyone for the support to conduct this event successfully.