Disability Resource Cell

Disability Resource Centre has been started in our institute and the following faculty members are involved in the co-ordination of the activities of the Centre.

  1. Dr. A. Shobha Rani, Associate Professor, ECE
  2. Prof. Deepa Reddy, Assistant Professor, ECE
  3. Prof. Ravindra Asundi, Assistant Professor, ECE
  4. Prof . Vinutha, Assistant Professor, ECE

Currently there are no students in our institute under the Disabled category. However, the Institute has taken the following measures to support the disabled students who could be a part of our institution in future.

  1. The students are allowed to record the lectures during sessions.
  2. Classrooms would be scheduled such that they are easily accessible to physically challenged students.
  3. Toilets are designed to be disabled friendly.
  4. Attenders would be arranged to bring breakfast/lunch from canteen, if needed.
  5. 24 hrs ambulance facility is available in the campus to provide transport in case of emergency.
  6. Wheel chairs are provided for the physically disabled to help them move in the campus.
  7. Extended time for writing internal exams, conducting practicals or workshop practices is given.
  8. Extended time would be allowed to write university exam, with the permission of the VTU.
  9. Scribe facility is provided during examination with permission from VTU.
  10. Extended timeline for submission of assignments is given.
  11. Regular meetings will be conducted to discuss problems and feedback will be taken to improve the facilities.
  12. Breaks will be given for short periods during practicals, if needed.
  13. Seating will be reserved in class to ensure accessibility, good communication and visibility of presentations.
  14. Human support will be provided in certain outdoor activities.