OIKOS (Eco-Club)


OIKOS, the Eco-Club of BMSIT&M functions under the Institutional Environmental Committee; and was conceptualised on 5th June 2016 (World Environment Day), and formally announced on 16th Sept 2016 (World Ozone Day), with vision & mission statements, bye-laws and a governing body. The prime motto to incept this forum is to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment principally at BMSIT&M and as well of its surrounding communities. OIKOS has advisory members from NGO's, Industries, Forest Departments, Natural Historical Societies, Academia etc. OIKOS is the most active institutional student club in BMSIT&M, which engages in varying kinds of offline and online learning activities. OIKOS is the 1st Eco Club in Country/World to have a MoU with a University (NLSIU), and also the 1st to instill Green teachers Award to honour green teaching crusaders. Kindly refer to the newsletter to review the plethora of activities our student and faculty members have carried out since the inception of the club. The latest feather in our efforts in protecting Environment is the E-waste Awareness and Collection Drive conducted across the entire Bengaluru Urban and Rural.

The World of OIKOS (Eco Club - BMSIT&M)