First Year Induction Program

The objective of the program was to make the students feel comfortable in their new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in the batch as well as between faculty and students, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the self, people around them, society at large and nature.

Report of 2022-23 Report of 2021-22

The sessions consisted of activities and events in line with the AICTE directives. More than 650 students benefitted from the 11-day program, which was held simultaneously in the Institute. The speakers included a mix of internal and external resources. The activities included ice breaking sessions every morning, in which the resource persons and the current faculty members interacted with the students with an aim to overcome the mental blockades or hinderances. A total of 64 such sessions were held.

Familiarization to Institute/Dept./University regulations:
On the first day of the induction program coordinators addressed the students and spoke about the institute, sport facilities, different clubs etc. Students were given the information and prospective of their branch, various facilities and infrastructure available at the Institute by the Head of their department. VTU rules and regulations were briefed, which included Choice Based Education, Outcome Based Education, credit system, SGPA, CGPA, Ranks, Attendance requirements, Assessment Methods, Passing standards, Eligibility, Maximum duration of the course, etc. The induction program gave an opportunity for the higher semester students to demonstrate the projects carried out by them as part of the Project Based Learning.

Physical Activity: students were informed about physical activities. Importance of yoga and benefits of doing yoga regularly were discussed. Meditation and relaxation was practiced to attain peace of mind.

Creative Arts: The Creative arts session were held in association with M/s Pidilite Pvt. Ltd. The students were taught to make Tanjore Painting and a demonstration of ‘Modge-Podge’ was given by the resource persons. Students created the 2D drawing composition using the basic geometrical shapes of various sizes and the suitable colours were filled in the shapes. Few activities were carried out by higher semester students like classical dance and music, skit, etc.

Human Values: Sessions were conducted by eminent persons who spoke about on the objective of education, advanced civilization, Holistic development (Spiritual and Material) and on the transformation of society. Uri and Gandhi movie were telecasted to induce patriotism and to improve, Confidence, planning, group activity, team dynamics, coordination, communication and leadership among the students

Literary: activities like debate, experience sharing, analytical thinking, problem solving, skit, group discussion etc., were carried out. The session aimed to improve their interpersonal communication skills and help them to open up their views. It was a perfect platform for the students to bring their opinions to a group of varied thoughts and provoke constructive discussions. The experience sharing session gave the students an opportunity to pen down a few words on their life experiences so far with some event that they dealt with great emotional effort.

Lectures by Eminent People: The Institute invited around 25 eminent personalities of multitude background for sharing their experiences. They interacted with the students on the challenges and opportunities, extensively with discussions on goal and vision of their carrier, how to excel in carrier, what attitude one should develop to get success etc. Around 20 executives from industry and academia addressed the students and briefed about the placements in various companies. Also explained about how to prepare for written exam, group discussions and Interviews. The alumnae also inspired the students to get along with new environment in BMS &IT

Visits to Local Area: Students visited the local places along with the faculty members to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Muddenahalli, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Horaginbetta, off Nandi Hills. During their visit, the students were instrumental in clearing the place of plastics and beer bottles left behind‎ by trekkers. This outreach activity was most imperative since the littering was a potential threat to the wildlife and aesthetics of the hillock.

The students engaged themselves in coming up with creative articulations of their views based on the inputs received during the field visit to NIMHANS and GKVK. The session provided an opportunity for the students to interact with their fellow students more constructively.

CLOSING PHASE: In closing Phase all the Students of respective branches, were asked to give their feedback about the Induction Program and they were asked to submit their feedback report to their respective class mentors. Also class mentors briefed the students on - how to write Induction Program Report. Finally the Core Committee members of the Induction Program visited all the classrooms and concluded the Induction Program after the feedback session.