Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) was established in the year 1975. It is one of the first State to set up Science and Technology (S&T) Councils in the country. KSCST is an autonomous S&T organization under Department of Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka. KSCST has been pro-actively engaging itself to identify and fund for selected final year engineering projects under the Student Project Programme (SPP) every year. BMSIT&M have sent unique and innovative student project proposals for funding each year. Many of our project proposals were selected and funded by KSCST every year. This funded amount is utilised by our students to carry out the project. At the end of the final semester of engineering these students participate in zonal level and state level project exhibition conducted by KSCST.

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KSCST 2018-19 Zonal Exhibition held in BMSIT&M

In the academic year 2018-19, BMSIT&M was selected as the nodal centre and hosted the 42nd series project evaluation, Bangalore North region on 11th May 2019. 105 projects from 22 colleges of Bangalore North region were exhibited which was evaluated by eminent professors from the Indian Institute of Science. Shortlisted projects were selected for state level project exhibition.

Institute level Coordinator, KSCST
Name Designation / Department
Prof. Sriganesh T G Assistant Professor, Dept. of ME

Departmental Coordinators
Name Department
Dr. Vijayalakshmi G V Department of ECE
Dr. Radhika K R Department of CSE
Prof. Anantha Krishna G L Department of ME
Dr. Prashant A. Athavale Department of E&EE
Prof. Siddiq Iqbal Department of ETE
Dr. Pushpa S K Department of ISE
Prof. Shobha R Department of Civil
Dr. Daruka Prasad B Department of Physics

KSCST Projects Sanctioned to BMSIT&M

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