Public Relations & Media Cell


Public Relations & Media Cell was established in 2019 February, with an intent to serve BMS Institute of Technology & Management by communicating & collaborating with our stakeholders and the outside world. The cell has maintained a good rapport with the media and other stakeholders and continuously striving towards the betterment of our Institution.

Our cell works towards giving wide publicity to the events and achievements of BMS Institute of Technology & Management. Public Relations & Media Cell represents the Institution in various Digital/Social media platforms such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube etc.

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To help BMSITM to reach greater heights by effectively communicating and sharing our success stories with all the stakeholders and the outside world.


To publish BMSITM articles in good, reputed Media channels, attract talented students and, teachers to guide students to solve the problems of Industry and society at large.


  1. To give wide publicity to the events of our Institute in both Social and Print media.
  2. To publish Student and Faculty articles in media.
  3. To make all media related arrangements that are conducted by BMSIT&M.
  4. To encourage young Students to take tasks like: article writing & publishing, digital marketing etc.
  5. To promote all the courses of our Institution.

Name Designation / Department
Prof. Venkatesh APublic Relations Officer, MCA
Prof. Reshma CRAssistant Professor, MCA
Mr. Arjun UKStudent Member, MCA
Mr. Pramod GowdaStudent Member, ISE
Ms. ChandanaStudent Member, Civil