SC/ST Cell

The Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Cell is an initiative from the institute to nurture, protect and promotes the interests and opportunities available for the students in the reserved category. The cell may conduct regular remedial coaching classes on life skills, personality development and making presentation. The cell also is expected to organize interactive sessions and informal meetings with students to share their personal, social and academic problems.

  1. Date of Formation : 04/01/2016
  2. SC/ST Cell Incharge : Laxmisagar H.S, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE,BMSIT&Mgmt., Bengaluru-64.

Objectives of the Cell

  1. Be an entity that disseminates information related to SC/ST reservation, implemented in the institute as per Indian Government Policy.
  2. Provide a platform for registering complaints, issues/grievances of SC/ST candidates.
  3. To implement, monitor and evaluate continuously the reservation policy in the University/Affiliate Colleges and plan measures for effective implementation of the policy and programme of the Government and UGC.
  4. To guide the SC/ST students of the University, to optimally utilize the benefits of the schemes offered by the State Government, Government of India (GOI) and UGC.

Policy Guidelines

  1. The committee is formed under the Chairmanship of the Principal who is authorized to appoint any faculty member in an institute as the chief coordinator of the committee.
  2. The chief coordinator in coordination with the Scholarship incharge will carry out the necessary activities as specified with regard to scholarship schemes/status/account details / students’ performance.
  3. To meet as and share information when required to educate Backward candidates about importance of SC / ST Scholarship and motivate them to improve performance in academic for the betterment of the SC/ST students.


Category Status
Principal Chairman
Asst. Professor Incharge of SC/ST Cell

Term/ Meeting/ Quorum

  • Term is 2 years or until committee is restructured.
  • Meeting – Twice in a semester, (preferably at the beginning and end of the semester)
  • Quorum: At least one student from each section across various departments.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Conduction of SC / ST meeting twice in a semester.
  2. Information given students about importance of SC /ST scholarship.
  3. Information given students to give details about SB account number to office.
  4. Discussion about various scholarship scheme for SC / ST students.
  5. Information is given about SC /ST students in various departments.
  6. SC /ST coordinator’s is identified and there contact details are taken from each department for further communication.
  7. Discussion about SC /ST Book bank in the library.
  8. Discussion about the status of SC / ST book bank in the main Library.
  9. All the SC/ST student coordinator called for meeting for discussion or dissemination of required information through “WhatsApp” group “BMSIT Scholarship” to resolve problems related to SC / ST Scholarship.
  10. To take the decision on the scholarship issues in consultation with SC / ST Scholarship in charge.
  11. To disseminate various scholarship schemes across India to help poor and needy students.
  12. Motivate SC / ST students to participate in cultural and sports events.
  13. To monitor the status of both social welfare and DTE Scholarship scheme.
  14. To monitor the account details of students for scholarship.
  15. For conducting meeting with SC / ST students to resolve various problems related to Scholarship.
  16. For identifying week students and counseling them to improve performance in academics. For smooth and efficient functioning of academic activities for SC / ST students.
  17. To meet as and share information when required to educate backward candidates about importance of SC / ST Scholarship and motivate them to improve performance in academic for the betterment of the SC/ST students.

Activity conducted from SC/ST cell from August 2019:

  1. SSP registration and application awareness program along with town hall meeting was conducted for SC/ST students on 20/11/2019.
  2. Meeting was conducted with coordinators to create awareness about SSP portal registration for SC/ST Students on 19/11/2019.
  3. Meeting was conducted with faculty coordinators to conduct town hall meeting with students at each dept. to resolve various issue on 14/08/2019.
  4. Identification of slow learners and providing extra coaching for SC/ST students at dept. level.


NAME Contact Details Branch
Prof. Mamatha K.R 9148610781 ECE
Prof. Ambika G.N 9902323632 CSE
Prof. Shanthi 9449176450 ISE
Prof. Gurumurthy 9036991507 ME
Prof. Rajanikanth 9964312907 EEE
Prof. Saritha 9916128329 TCE
Prof. Shreedhar 9945498010 CIV
Prof. Nirupama 9686773741 MCA
Prof. Gayathri 9481953439 BMSSA