Intellectual Property (IP) Cell

The Objectives of the IP Cell

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  • To create awareness on IPR among the faculty and students.
  • To encourage and support staff, students at all levels to develop patentable technologies.
  • Transform Innovations, ideas into Intellectual assets.
  • To promote and nurture invention and creativity.
  • To stimulate the generation of Intellectual property.
  • Filing for Patents, Registration for copy rights, industrial design.


Chief Coordinator, IP Cell
Name Designation / Department
Prof. Praveen Kumar T N Associate Professor, Dept. of ME

Departmental Coordinators
Name Department
Dr. Bharathi Malakreddy A Dept. of AI&ML
Prof. Madhu M C Department of ME
Dr. Jagannath Department of E&C
Prof. Shilpa G Department of E&EE
Dr. Sowmya Shree M S Department of ETE
Dr. Vinod Department of Civil Engg
Dr. Kallur V Vijayakumar Department of Mathematics
Dr. Daruka Prasad B Department of Physics
Dr. Jyothi Roy Choudhuri Department of Chemistry
Dr. Swetha M S Department of IS&E
Dr. Sunanda Dixit Department of CS&E
Dr. Muthyala Sridevi MCA

Patent Filed Details

Patents Filed: 48
Patents Granted: 06
Copyright Registered: 01
Industrial Design Filed/Registered: 03

Academic Year Total No. of Patents Filed Total No. of Patents Granted
2022-23 02 (in progress) in progress
2021-22 09 03
2020-21 33 03
2019-20 02
2018-19 01
2017-18 01
TOTAL 48 06