Network Infrastructure

Internet facility has been crucial in the evolution of our education system in many ways. In order to support its employees and students with best IT infrastructure, BMSIT&M has established one of its the best, robust network infrastructure in 2019-2020 to facilitate reliable and high speed internet service to both Students, Faculty and Researchers at the campus and BMSIT&M Hostels.

Modern IT Infrastructure for wired and Wi-Fi facility at BMSIT&M Campus mainly includes

  • Both wired and Wi-Fi Internet facility is available in all the buildings of the BMSIT&M with OFC connectivity. All system Laboratories in the campus have LAN connectivity through CAT6 cabling.

  • The network support service team is responsible for Supporting, Maintaining, Monitoring and Upgrading both wired and Wi-Fi service and server infrastructure at Campus and hostels.

BMSIT&M has set up our own DATACENTER with all advanced equipment like UTM, Core switch, advanced WIFI Access Points, OFC cabling to interconnect buildings inside campus and RF technology to connect Ladies hostel.

Total switches and access points details

Core switches at data centre: Extreme X590 – 02nos

X440 Extreme managed POE switches: 13nos

X440 Extreme managed NON-POE switches: 57nos

  1. Academic block: Extreme AP 3935i – 29, AP410i-02, AP 460WR-01
  2. BSN Block: AP 3935i – 22, AP 460WR-01
  3. Labs block: AP 3935i-13, AP410i-04
  4. Boys hostel C block: AP 3935i-26
  5. Boys hostel A block: AP3935 – 28, 3965-01
  6. Boys hostel B block: AP 3935-20
  7. Girls hostel: 13, Cambium Rf devices-02
Total WiFi access points available in the campus are: 161

Customer Base and Authentication System
Total users on board – 3500
Concurrent Users – 600-800

Internet user Authentication for WiFi: Extreme NAC is centralized authentication system server installed at data centre through which users are created and given to registered users through google form keeping the USN as unique key for students and employee ID as key for staff.

Bandwidth per User: Unlimited data per user and bandwidth of 60-100Mbps upper bandwidth is reserved per user. It is shared as the user increases in the network.

Bandwidth back haul and distribution: Band width from two ISPs TATA Tele services & SIFY technologies (350+350=700) Mbps of 1:1 Internet bandwidth ISP links are terminated at Data centre and being distributed to entire campus through optical fibre cable.

O&M: Three dedicated technical staff to attend and address real time issues, operations and maintenance.

A third party vendor is also on call for any new or existing error resolution.


Head, Internet Facility

Dr. Arun Kumar B R
Head, Information Technology Solutions-BMSIT&M
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Technical Support Staff

Mr. S S Patil
System Analyst-Hardware

Mr Muralidhara K N
Asst Instructor, Department of MCA