Research and Consultancy

About the Research and Consultancy Cell

R&D involves in identifying new research areas, developing projects leading to publications in National/International Journals and conferences. Established R&D Cell at the Institution level to promote Research & Innovation among the faculty & students. The Cell helps in developing co-operative and complimentary research among various Departments under BMSIT&M to explore advanced technologies. The Cell holds periodical Review meetings on the progress of research being carried out for Ph.D. as well as of the funded projects. The Cell also guides in writing projects, scientific papers leading to publication as well as in identifying results of research for filing patents. The Institution foregrounded the concept of research amongst the students from first year of their study. Necessary environment and facilities were created. MHRD- Institution Innovation council is setup to support student innovations leading to new products, patents and interested students will start the career as entrepreneurs.

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BMSIT&M Research Grants and Incentive Policy
Research Centres at BMSIT&M
Sl. No. Name of the Research Centre
1 Chemistry
2 Civil Engineering
3 Computer Science and Engineering
4 Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5 Electronics and Communication Engineering
6 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
7 Information Science and Engineering
8 Master of Computer Applications
9 Mathematics
10 Mechanical Engineering
11 Physics
Research Facilities
Branch Available Equipment / Software Configuration Purpose Contact Person
Physics FT-IR spectrometer PerkinElmer Frontier FTIR Spectrometer (4000 to 350 cm-1) The identification of unknown compounds, Quantitative information such as additives or contaminants, Kinetic information through the growth or decay of infrared absorptions Dr. Dhananjaya N
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer SHIMADZU UV 1800 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (190-800 nm) To study the absorption spectra in the UV and Visible region and to calculate the energy bang gap of Materials.
High temperature furnace (Muffle furnace / Silicon carbide Furnace) Delta power (1200 oC) For calcination of samples.
Centrifuge machine SHIMADZU Centrifuges are employed in chemistry, biology, biochemical, and clinical laboratories, such as testing the sedimentation rates of various blood cells.
Electronic balance (Four decimals) SHIMADZU To weigh the samples
Pelletizer SHIMADZU To make the powder sample into pellets of different diameter and thickness
LCR meter NF corporation ZM 2376 For the measurement of Dielectric constant and for measurement of dielectric constant with temperature variation Dr. R. Lokesh
Frequency range 1mHZ TO 5.5. MHZ and Temperatures range 30 - 1000 oC.
Raman Spectrometer Peak Seeker Raman Spectrometer (100-3000 cm-1) Raman Spectroscopy is used in various fields for both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the molecule because it provides information very easily and rapidly. Dr. Kavitha C
Hot air oven Aspire Inc. (200 oC) To dry the samples
Chemistry Glove box SHIMADZU Used to fabricate coin cell for battery and supercapacitor applications Dr. T Ramakrishnappa
Electrochemical workstation Biologic Used for electrochemical studies
Battery testing & assembly unit Biologic Used for testing performance of energy storage materials
ECE ANSYS HFSS 2014 Version, Antenna Designing tools Antenna design tool Dr. Rashmi N
WICOMM T Kit Software defined Radio, FPGA based with data processing ADC and DAC conversion and RF block Implementation of modern digital communication system with direct interface to MATLAB
My-DAQ and My-RIO My Daq- 8 plug and play computer-based lab instruments. Data acquisition engine with analog input/output and digital lines. Data acquisition
MyRio - 10 analog inputs, 6 analog outputs, 40 i/o lines, accelerometer on board, xilinx FPGA and dual core ARM cortex - A9 processor LAB view compatible
Vector Network Analyzer & Spectrum Analyzer ZVH8 from Rohde and Schwarz Testing of antennas Dr. Banuprakash
8GHz frequency
Open BCI, All in one Bio Sensing R&D Bundle UltraCortex Mark IV Head Set, 16 Channel 10-20 EEG System, dry electrodes. To acquire real time Scalp EEG signal wirelessly Dr. Saneesh C T
Workstation Dell Precision T3630

Soldering Workbench ESD Workbench table, ESD Cahir, Soldering and De Soldering ESD Workbench table with antistatic mat, ESD Chair, Temperature controlled soldering / De soldering / SMD rework station, LED Magnifier lamp, PCB holder For precision soldering requirements
Workstation Dell Precision 3650 Intel Xeon 11th Gen Processor, 128GB RAM, 24TB HDD with Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 GPU For AI and Deep learning applications
Thermal Evaporation System Stainless Rupees Steel Metal Bell jar, Rotary Vacuum Pump, Diffusion Pump, Thickness Monitor, Water chiller with pump: (1 No) 0.5TR capacity industrial chiller with 50 litres. For film coating (preparation of electrode for fabricating any kind of device) Dr. Sabina R
CSE Microsoft CASA Agreement, Oracle, AWS 10 systems with the given configuration Intel® Core™ i7-CPU @3.10 GHz/I-5/ Quad Core/Intel P4, 2 GB, RAM, 320 GB HDD, DVD Writer Research Dr. Radhika K R
EEE COMSOL Software MEMS Module (one User) For analysing MEMS devices. Mrs. Suma Umesh
High Voltage Transformer 0 to 100 kV DC voltages To find the breakdown voltage of HV Electrical Equipment insulation Dr. Madhu Palati
0 to 70 kV AC voltage
Impulse Generator 150 kV, 225J For Testing HV equipment against Lightning voltages
ETE IoT Kit Als-Xt-Sda-Iot-01 Iot Evaluation Board With Ardino Rasberry Pi Board, Bluetooth & Adaptor Skill Enhancement H N Prakash Kumar Geetha N
Rasberry Pi Board, Hdmi Cable Sd Card(15gb Sd Card-Expandable Upto 32gb)
Als-Xt-Iot Prjbrd-Aur-01 Arduino Project Board
Stepper Motor, Xbee, Oled Display, 16x2 Alpha Numeric Display, Bluetooth
Intel FPGA Kits/Intel Qu Fpga Cloud Connectivity Kit De 10 Nano Board Skill Enhancement
Intel FPGA Kits De1 Soc Board-5
Intel Software Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition Software
DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs
Video FPGA IP Bundle
Protocol IP Bundle
DSP Embedded FPGA IP Bundle
Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software
AIML ASUS ROG Strix GA15 (AMD Ryzen 7-3700X ASUS ROG Strix GA15 (2020), AMD Ryzen 7-3700X (32GB RAM/1TB HDD + 1TB SSD/8GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (Online Qouted Price) Research / Teaching and Learning Er.Harinath H N
Nvidia Tesla V100 Nvidia Tesla V100 16gb Pci-e/fhhl 900-2g502-0300-000 B07wddpwpw B07WDDPWPW
ME Muffle Furnace, Induction Furnace 1400°C Metal Casting and Heat treatment T N Praveen Kumar
Universal Testing Machine Measuring range: 0-400KN Tensile, Compression and Bending Test
Maximum Capacity: 400KN
Clearance Between Columns: 500mm
Ram stroke: 200mm
Barcol hardness tester Model: HBa -1+NOVA make Hardness test for Plastics and polymers Dr. Kiran M D
Computerized Impact testing Machine Izod/Charpy Impact Tester Impact strength for Composites
Motorized Notch Cutter
Computerized micro hardness tester FIE make: MV1PC Hardness test for all type of materials
Test load 10,20,50,100,200,300,500 gf
3D printing machine Pratham 3.0 3D Printer 3D Printing Dr. Nagamadhu M
Pratham desktop 3D Printer 200x200x250mm
Computerized IC Engine Computerized single cylinder four stroke diesel engine, test rig coupled to eddy current dynamometer Fuel property evaluation Dr. Keerthi kumar N
Research Scholars

Summary of Ph.D. Research Scholars at BMSIT&M as on February 2024
Sl. No. Research Centres Total External Internal Full-Time Part-Time
1 Chemistry 8 8 - 2 6
2 Civil Engineering 6 6 - 2 4
3 Computer Science and Engineering 36 33 3* 2 34*
4 Electronics and Communication Engineering 20 15 5 1 19
5 Electrical and Electronics Engineering 9 3 6 - 9
6 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 2 1 1 - 2
7 Information Science and Engineering 11 7 4 - 11
8 Mathematics 3 3 - - 3
9 Master of Computer Applications 11 9 2 - 11
10 Mechanical Engineering 11 7 4 1 10
11 Physics 9 9 - - 9
Total 125 100 25 8 117
Note: Int. Ph.D. Research Scholar - 01
Consultancy Details for the Financial Year of 2022-23
Sl. No. Dept Faculty Name Consultancy Company Name Consultancy Amount Rs.
1 AI&ML Vishwa Kiran Aprameyah technologies Pvt Ltd ₹ 1,86,000
2 AI&ML Vishwa Kiran Pytriot Solution ₹ 70,000
3 AI&ML Dr. Anupama H S Aprameyah technologies Pvt Ltd ₹ 25,000
4 CIV All Faculty/Staff SPT Group of Companies/Vee Engineers and Infrastructurs India Pvt Ltd/Aimil /Nestcon Shelters Pvt. Ltd./CUBE-IITM ₹ 70,725
5 CIV Dr. Deepak M S & Dr. Chandrashekarappa Agasnalli SCINDIA CONSTRUCTIONS ₹ 40,000
6 ETE Dr. Banuprakash R Aditya College of Engineering, Madanapalli, AP ₹ 20,000
7 ME Dr. Keerthi Kumar N Gaama Bytes Pvt Ltd ₹ 62,700
8 ME Dr. Ravichandra Kunigal Reethium Power Tech Company ₹ 60,000
9 ME Mr. T N Praveen Kumar SVIT ₹ 1,000
10 ME Dr. Keerthi Kumar N SIT Tumkur ₹ 5,700
11 ME Mr. Sundresh S NMIT ₹ 700
12 ME Dr. Keerthi Kumar N SJBIT ₹ 4,900
13 ME Dr Kiran M D RNSIT ₹ 3,000
14 CSE Dr. Satish Kumar T Aprameyah Technologies Pvt Ltd,Bangalore ₹ 50,000
15 CSE Dr. Mahesh G Aprameyah Technologies Pvt Ltd,Bangalore ₹ 40,000
Total ₹ 6,39,725
Consultancy Details for the Financial Year of 2021-22
Sl. No. Dept Faculty Name Consultancy Company Name Consultancy Amount Rs.
1 CHEM Dr. Ramakrishnappa T Criyagen Agri Biotech & AS Chemicals ₹ 16,500
2 CIV All Faculty/Staff SPT Group of Companies/M/S Agaricus Solutions/Jet Tech Construction/CCCL/M/S E-surveying Softech India Pvt Limited ₹ 2,48,200
3 ECE Dr. Anil Kumar D Edge Technologies Pvt Ltd ₹ 66,400
4 ETE Dr.Raju Hajare & Dr. Mallikarjuna Gowda C P RE-JAG Technologies Pvt Ltd ₹ 10,000
5 ISE Dr. Manjunath T N Technodysis ₹ 3,00,000
6 MCA Sridevi M. Larsen & Toubro, Corporate Training Technical ₹ 90,270
7 ME Mr. T N Praveen Kumar SVIT ₹ 2,000
8 ME Dr. Keerthi Kumar N SJBIT ₹ 2,100
9 ME Mr. T N Praveen Kumar BIT ₹ 4,900
10 ME Dr. Kiran M D Sir MVIT ₹ 4,000
11 ME Dr. Keerthi Kumar N SJBIT ₹ 3,500
12 PHYS Dr.Dhananjaya N FTIR/UV-Visible Characterization ₹ 18,000
13 PHYS Dr. C Kavitha Raman Consultacny ₹ 32,700
Total ₹ 7,98,570